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As there are many different makes of spas and hot tub, we unfortunately cannot supply full details of error codes for every manufacturer. 
However, by far the most common codes are listed on this link below. 

My Spa/Hot Tub is tripping my electrics 

This can happen for many reasons. We highly recommend that you do not undertake any investigation yourself, as opening up the spa / hot tub control system poses significant risk of an electric shock. This will need our in-house electrician to investigate further so please contact us straight away.  
Actions to take: 
1. Turn off your spa at the isolation switch (if fitted) 
2. Turn off your main RCD feed to the spa / hot tub. (This is normally found in or around the area that houses your home trip switches) It should be a simple switch that you can turn off. This will completely isolate power to your spa / hot tub 
If your spa / hot tub has been operating for some time and starts to trip your electrics, the most likely reason would be that one of the components within the spa / hot tub has developed a fault. This could be anything from a light, ozone, heater or pump. In some cases there may be a fault with the electrical supply to the spa / hot tub, however, this is not the most likely cause unless you have recently had any electrical work undertaken. 
Once you have turned off the power to the spa / hot tub you should have eliminated the possibility of the spa / hot tub tripping your electrics any further. Please then contact us to arrange an engineer to visit and establish the problem. 

My Spa/Hot Tub is losing water 

Minor Leak - Spa or Hot Tub losing a few inches over a few days 
Minor leaks can be caused by many different things, from one of the fittings, unions or gaskets within the pumps or components failing. In most cases you will have an access panel to the equipment area (normally located under the touch pad / controls) this panel should be removable to give access to most of the spa / hot tub components. 
Action to take: 
1. Turn off the power to the spa / hot tub 
2. Remove the spa / hot tub cabinet access panel 
3. Take a look around the plumbing fittings and equipment to see if you can identify the leak. If you see that the leak is from a pump or heater union, try to tighten it to see if the leak stops (you may need to use large grips to do this) 
If you don’t feel confident to do this, then please contact us and arrange for one of our engineers to visit. 
Major Leak - Spa or Hot Tub losing significant water 
Action to take: 
1. Turn off the power to the spa / hot tub 
2. Drain the water out completely 
3. Contact us to arrange an engineer to visit and resolve the leak. If you have been able to establish where the water is leaking from, please mark the part or area with a permanent marker or tape so you can point this out to our engineer on arrival. 
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